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Modern Dental en CDE; Center of Dental Education, hebben de handen ineen geslagen om tandheelkundige professionals uitgebreide en hoogwaardige webinars aan te bieden. 

Gratis deelname voor Elysee klanten

Elysee klanten kunnen gratis deelneme aan alle webinars in september. Hieronder ziet u een overzicht met de aangeboden webinars in september. 

Na inschrijven ontvangt u een paar dagen voor aanvang van de webinar een link om deel te nemen.

Webinar 1:

Digital Technology for Immediate Function – An Overview 

Date: 7 September at 1PM


Dr. Chow Kwok Fai, James,

 We are living in the digital age and our daily life is significantly transformed by digital technology such as artificial intelligence, face recognition, 5G, augmented reality and virtual reality etc. In dentistry, we have also seen many digital techniques including CBCT, oral scanning, 3D printing, CNC milling, navigation is getting more and more popular. This presentation will discuss how dentists can integrate various digital techniques seamlessly into a digital workflow in implant dentistry to predictably deliver immediate function to the patients.
Webinar 2:
Digital Technology for the Management of M3

Date: 10 September at 1PM
Dr. Chow Kwok Fai, James
Surgical removal of impacted third molars is a common procedure of dentoalveolar surgery and it is the bread and butter work of many dentists. Although it is fundamental in undergraduate training, dentists may find it difficult to remove an impacted third molar efficiently. With the advancement of digital imaging and simulation, dentists nowadays is better equipped to perform surgical removal of an impacted third molar through enhanced diagnosis and treatment planning. In addition, dentists can refine their surgical skills by using life-like 3D printed models based on real patient files. This presentation will illustrate how CBCT, computer simulation and 3D printing can assist dentists to improve the management of impacted third molars.
Webinar 3:
“Intra-oral Scanning. How can it benefit me in my practice?”

Date: 14 September 1PM
Dr. Bruce Lee
As a general dentist, taking impressions with alginate or PVS impression for study models or for crown and bridge work, has become second-nature to me and my clinical team. I was trained in dental school years ago to use these conventional methods and I am concerned that going digital into intra-oral scanning (I/OS) can be disruptive, and that it will slow me down in my work.
I have learnt that it is accurate and more than good enough for my daily work, however, I am afraid that it is difficult to integrate it into my treatment procedures for patients and working with my favourite dental lab will be challenging. Can I/OS benefit me?
Webinar 4:
Digital Photography for Aesthetics

Date: 17 September at 1PM
Mr. Benny Au Yeung (Dental Terchnician)
What is the first step of doing a aesthetics case? Had you thought about digital photography? Photography is the most important communication to technician and patient. In this presentation, I will talk about how to take photos to get better communication and show you the procedure to get best result of esthetics case.

Webinar 5:
Digital workflow and optimalisation in Guided surgery

Date: 21 September at 1PM
Dr. Chow Lop Keung,
The incorporation of digitalization of diagnostic imaging, techniques of 3D printing and CAD/CAM engineering into dentistry allowing us new perspectives and innovative alternatives for dental treatment modalities. The use of computer-guided implant-planning software allows the clinicians to combine the radiographic, prosthetic, surgical, and laboratory fields together, which permitting complete virtual treatment planning. This webinar is going to introduce some basics in complete digital workflow for computer-guided implant placement. By selecting the appropriate digital workflow , a precise computer-guided implant planning and a predictable treatment outcome can be achieved.
Webinar 6:
The impact of digital technology and innovation in clinical dentistry.

Date 24 September at 1PM
Dr. Wong Keng Mun
Guided surgery and Cad Cam dentistry:
It is always a challenge when a restorative dentist restores complex oral rehabilitation patient. Many clinical factors must be considered when treating such cases. These factors can be classified into aesthetics, function, structure and biology. With the advent of dental implants and the introduction of new digital technology and software, many more treatment options and possibilities are available. Together with traditional treatment approach, it can be very confusing for the restorative dentist to decide what to do from start to end.

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